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Secure, insured storage for solicitors

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Lawyersafe provides solicitors with a simple and cost effective way of dealing with the secure retention of articles for which they have a responsibility to retain safely on behalf of their clients.

Office space is very expensive and should be used to best commercial advantage! Why fill it with clutter and in the process take unnecessary risks?

In probate and administration work, solicitors often have a duty to hold on to specific bequests, photographs and family papers, valuables and a whole host of other articles. Often, fee earners have little alternative but to place these items in the corner of an office, a corridor, a desk drawer or, perhaps, an already bulging and quite often damp strong room.


In so doing, these are just some of the problems that can occur:

  • An item may become mislaid or damaged

  • Items may be uninsured

  • Claims from staff – slips & trips  – health & safety

  • Fire hazards

  • Non-chargeable fee earner time

At Ashton Mill, we have worked hard to develop an excellent working relationship with many local law firms and are proud of the reputation we have established.  Lawyersafe enables us to bring you an additional quality service helping you reduce risk and increase profitability.



Dovetailing perfectly with our valuation & property clearance services, Lawyersafe enables us to deliver the complete package.


How LawyerSafe works:

In a typical probate case scenario where, perhaps, the lawyer is executor and assumes immediate responsibility for the assets of the estate we will:

  1.  Attend with and support the case fee earner on ther initial attendance at the property

  2. Identify, photograph and record specific bequests

  3. Identify, photograph and record high-risk items

  4. Assign value estimates for insurance purposes

  5. Transport items to be retained into safe custody

  6. Liaise thereafterwith fee-earner, beneficiaries, auction houses etc as necessary

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